Join our growing ministry!

Join our growing ministry!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

January 2015 WBS Update

It's been an exciting new year for the World Bible School Outreach program at Washington Street Church of Christ.  Not only have we reached around the globe and touched lives for Christ, but we have made great strives here at home.

As of today, the 25th of January, we have seven, YES I said seven individuals who have chosen to become a part of this ministry outreach program.  We would like to especially like to welcome our newest teacher, Rebecca who has just joined up and wishes to help forward the teachings and word of God and Christ to the WORLD!

All said, the WBS program has seven teachers and 282 students of which 109 are in the United States of America!  We are truly blessed in how the program is growing and we look forward to an exciting new year and unlimited potential in reaching lost souls in the name of Christ!  Please continue to offer prayer that God's will be done in all aspects of this work.

On another note, we at WBS would like to that Grant with facilities maintenance for taking the time to build and hang our new bulletin board outside of the room.  We look forward to having Robert add some lettering and flags to the board to enhance awareness of the program.  We are truly blessed to have many capable and talented individuals who are willing to donate their time and skills to the program.

Please continue to pray for growth and success in sharing God's Word and we Praise HIM that enables all of our works.

"Go into all the world and preach the Gospel, every one of you..."

Andrew Lyon
Deacon WBS Washington Street Church of Christ
January 25, 2014