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Join our growing ministry!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

December 31, 2014 Update

World Bible School

Ministry of the
Church of Christ @ Washington Street

December 31, 2014

Good Afternoon, 

As the year 2014 comes to a close we wish to praise our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and our father God for the blessings that He has bestowed upon us as His children. We also take this opportunity to thank Him for the direction and guidence that He offers us in this ministry. The successes that the WBS program at Washington Street has seen is a direct result of his blessings and we praise Him.

In our last update of the year, I would like to draw attention to the needs of the students in various parts of the world as they seek out baptism.  Further, several students have taken the opportunity to write personal letters to our instructors. These letters give us a window into their lives and how God is moving them and how the WBS program is a tool used by God to further his kindgom. It warms the heart greatly to hear the uplifing messages from these students who God is directing in their faith and lives. I encourage you to take the time to read them and be blessed as I have in the power of God in the process of sharing His teachings and the power of the bible.

As a ministry we seek out the teaching of the Word and are greatly pleased and excited when a student of the program reaches out to their WBS contact and requests to be baptised. While we praise God and thank Him for guiding this work, we must still seek out a local missionary or church to contact that student and arrange for discussion and baptism. We ask for prayers of God's hand in all of these situations as they occur and that we are able to find a local contact to serve the request of the student. At the moment we have students in India, Sri Lanka, Puerto Rico and Nigeria that have requested baptism. While we do not yet have confirmation that the baptisms have occured, we have trust in God that He will offer the chance for those who seek Him.

The following two notes are from students in our program to one of our instructors. These notes highlight how the God is touching their lives through the World Bible School program. I am greatly blessed by these notes that are forwarded to me and trust that you will also be blessed.

Note number one is from a gentlemen in India.

Hi (instructors name removed at their request),

I knew GOD through my wife, she goes to church from her school days.. and from her i heared about Lord Jesus and started to go church at 2009.

We married on 2010 and go to church as a family, Never thought our parents would allow us to marry but GOD decided to be us together.

Those days were so horrible for me as 3 months back from marriage i was jobless, felt nothing to do further. But GOD does mirracle in my life, i got a job though that time was a recession period.

After Marriage, we two go office and there is no time to spend as i was working on night shift and she was in day shift.. it was about 3 years.. and we decided to quit her job as she has diabetes. Before she come out from the office, i got a better job which was the answer to manage our financial problem - we actually had thought how could we manage with single person's salary.

Few months later, she was pregnant, that time we reliases GOD had a good plan's for us, HE wanted to take care of her health for baby..

We blessed with a girl baby on 2013 and we know a church pastor through her sister, The pastor had suggested a name - Natania which means Gift of GOD.

Our Parents were against to take baptizm, and we were waiting for GOD's time for us. In between i gone to UAE for job search.. It was not worked out for me but i went to a church " Christian Community Church". The main brach of the chruch is located in India but its in different state, its 750 km away from i lived.

We prayed to be memeber of that church, In my Office i found a oppening ( Testing Profile ) in the state where the church was located, i applied and i am wondering how i got it as it took more than 3 months to process. Normally No Managers will not wait more than a month to join. But it does for me.

Now we came to the city where the Church is, and going there for prayer every sunday. From there we baptized.

All glory to GOD almighty !!! Amen.



The Second note is from a gentleman from

Kennedy Moshebashebi.

Dec 29, 2014

Blessed day (instructors name removed at their request),

I believe you had a blessed time to spend with your loved ones throughout the christmas celebration! We did too have a wonderful time here. We had a delicious meal prepared by my mother, sister, little brother and me. We had time to visit the villages nearby our town. We saw people singing awesome acapella music. Hahaha! I think I should join them for the next festive season. One thing I liked about their music is that they preach the gospel through it. If one is listening them carefully can be deeply compelled to give their lives to christ.

Well I can't express the joy I find in the bible teachings here, Its just amazing and answering quiet a lot of spiritual questions I have been having. I don't know how to thank the WBS administration for such a profound work they are doing to affect the lives of nations. My prayer is that those who have been reached with this relevant and necessary life changing tool could also see the need to share their testimony with others.

Bless you.



As you can see, these students are being blessed by God in their seach for the truth and through the blessings of the World Bible School, they are able to find the truth they are seeking.

I encourage all to take the opportunity to adopt a student in this ministry and help further the Word of God and His Son Jesus Christ.

In His service,


Sunday, December 28, 2014

Baptism of WBS Student

Join us in celebrating the baptism of a new sister in Christ.  Our new sister, Naomi Brooks is from Georgia and has been the student of Sharon Walker.  Sister Brooks was baptized by Garland Basford, one of the Elders at the Thomasville Church of Christ.  Sister Naomi was baptized on December 20, 2014 around 1 pm.  Naomi is very excited about her new birth in Christ and is driven to share her new faith with her children and family.  Naomi is the mother of five children and seeks to bring them all to the faith.

Please join me in congratulating Naomi on her new birth and please pray that she will grow in knowledge and strength in the Lord and that the Thomasville congregation will aid her in that path.

In His service,

Andrew Lyon
Deacon WBS
Washington Street Church of Christ

World Bible School Introduction

Church of Christ


Washington Street

World Bible School

The World Bible School (WBS) program at Washington Street is founded on the scripture from the Book of Mark, chapter 16, verse 15 which states:

"He said to them, "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation."

The principle that guides this scriptures tells us that is it us, Christians and followers of Jesus Christ, we are to advance the beliefs and teachings of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. This ministry is a direct result of this teaching. The WBS program is not new to the brotherhood nor is it strictly limited to Washington Street Church of Christ. For many years there has been a small band of believers at this Church who quietly and diligently labored to spread the Gospel. As with many programs, time and others causes slowly dwindled the program down.

The year 2014 came a new focus on this program and the desire to bring it back to the fore front of Church outreach. Sharon Walker had it placed on her heart to grasp hold of the program and expand it as a returning ministry opportunity for the members and the surrounding community. Sharon developed a base program, acquired a space for the program and all needed supplies for both digital and mailing programs. Sharon also began recruiting new members to help reach the lost all over the world.

In November the Deacons, under the spiritual leadership of the Elders, placed Andrew Lyon as the Deacon of responsibility of the WBS program. We have since obtained a computer for online communication with WBS students, a printer donated by Brother and Sister West to further the cause of the WBS program. As of December, there are around 5 members serving multiple students around the world. Our students a from as close as Georgia to as far as India. The training level of our students range from the non-christians to errant Christians to other beliefs and faiths. We have a student from the Muslim faith who is presently in the program seeking out answers and our Savior, Jesus Christ.

I encourage all who are interested in a service program of the Church of Christ to seriously and prayerfully consider the World Bible School program. The actual time spent on a lesson for one student may not exceed 30 minutes in most instances and may require less than that amount of time. Please consider volunteering in the WBS program here at Washington Street Church of Christ.

In His service,

Andrew Lyon

Deacon, WBS

Washington Street Church of Christ

World bible School

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

World Bible School Ministry Kicks off at Washington Street!

For many years there have been several members quietly but actively serving in the World Bible School ministry.  Recently a decision has been made to broaden  our outreach in this area and greatly expand our involvement.  Andy Lyon, one of our recently appointed deacons, has assisted along with the help of Don & Sharon Walker and setup a "World Bible School" headquarters in room 207 in our upstairs hallway.  

Teacher/ facilitators are needed for the influx of requests being received daily for Bible study correspondence courses.  If you would like to volunteer for this great ministry, please contact Andy Lyon or Sharon Walker.